The Martins

Nottingham, Pennsylvania

Poultry Sales

Rep: Justin Morey
Justin Morey

Project Details

Location:  Nottingham, PA
What are they raising?: Breeder Pullets
Integrator: Longenecker’s Hatchery

At Northeast Agri systems we take pride in every project we complete. This poultry house was recently completed for Dave and Nancy Martin to raise breeder pullets for Longenecker’s Hatchery. The project included the construction of the 48’ x 600’ building with a concrete floor, and the wiring and installation of all equipment. The house was built alongside an existing house that has been in production for a few years. Most of the equipment installed is Chore-time and should serve the Martins well for many years to come.

Raising pullets can present a few challenges:

Chore-Tronics 3 Breeder Edition

Challenge: Strict feeding schedule

Solution: Our Bintrac bin scales and controller measure the correct feed amount. The feed is evenly distributed through the house with the Chore-time indexable feeders. This system allows some feed to pass over the feeders, making so that feed is delivered quickly and evenly through the whole house.

Challenge: Maintaining control of natural light

Solution: To make so there’s more control of incoming light, we used light-blocking sidewall air inlets. We also put light traps over the fans to keep light from coming in through the fans. 

Choretime Tunnel doors with Darkouts

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